Thursday, 10 September 2009

Worth a look

Each destinaton is special to a person, and while I like going to new places, here are the trips I'd gladly take again:

Hawaii - spent a week on O'ahu Island in January 2008. Saw Whales, ate pineapple breakfasts on the beach, went parasailing (scariest 8 minutes of my life, exceeds driving as my number one achievement) and spent about £20 a night staying in a hostel just off Waikiki Beach.

New York City - this city would be my second home if I could afford it. There is something bloody fantastic about Times Square. Saw Avenue Q (half-price tickets, naturally) last time I went, in April 2008, and have seen more Broadway shows than West End ones.

Prague - never has a city looked so gorgeous. My eyes felt humbled when I landed in this city in September 2003.

Paris - I would live here if I could convince Mr Dudess that French people aren't that bad. I've only had good experiences of Paris, and Notre Dame is stunning.

Malta - did actually live here for a while, it's a true mix of cultures and has a lot of film history.

China and Hong Kong - lived in China for a while (2004-2006), and for a summer lived in Hong Kong for a few weeks. Both places are a shoppers haven - shops stay open until ten pm, and THEN the markets open.

Thailand - spent the best two week holiday travelling around this exotic country in January 2006, from seeing an elephant wander down a street in Bangkok to witnessing Phi Phi's beauty and devestation just after the Tsunami.


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  2. Spent a week in Paris, very expensive. Nice, but expensive. Best part, the trip to Disneyland!! Barcelona is next in three weeks, heard that's a haven for muggings and pick-pockets but looking forward to being proven wrong!

  3. Hehe, yeah, I read your post about Barcelona and muggings - have you directed your wife to your intentions yet?
    Disneyland or Notre Dame? No comparison. Next time you go, visit the Moulin Rouge: pricey but memorable.

  4. Oh no! You've provided me with even more distractions as I haven't been to the places you mention (other than Plymouth) so obviously I need to travel more.

    Your tips make sense especially the planning as it's easy to make bookings without properly checking what is and isn't included.

  5. Aye, can't beat travel as the best weekend option. Sometimes we just look on flight websites for the cheapest flight and head there. It's how we're going to Norway in November.