Thursday, 10 September 2009

Take 5: Plymouth

Arriving - we have an airport, a ferryport, coach station, bus station, railway station and a damn good cycle route. How you get here is up to you.

Sleeping - diabolical concrete from the sixties dominates the central area from the railway station to the city centre, though the bit of green and water in the middle of this corridor makes the hotels slightly more attractive. Expect to pay from £20 - £A fortune for somewhere to sleep; all the big chains and cute B&Bs are here.

Eating - some very very good international fayre can be found, and some awful Macstuff. We've a restaurant that you have to book months in advance for: Tanners Restaurant, a Foodie Mogul: Edmond Davari, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's favourite chippy: Platters.

Travelling - lots to be seen here by foot, if you're heading in on the train you can take advantage of Plusbus, and pedestrians have to have eyes in the back of their heads, and certainly be looking down as you never know when you're walking in a cycle lane.

Photographing - if the weather's good the Barbican is a traditional Elizabethan area, and you should take shots of the nasty looking (well, rusty, to be fair) Giant Prawn/Shrimp outside the National Marine Aquarium. Get out your magnifying glass to see the Mayflower Steps, where folks set out to avoid religious persecution and came across America. There's plenty of water and the wildlife that goes with it, a crackin' lighthouse that is the backdrop of every promotional leaflet and some stunning architecture once you look past the sixties concrete hell.

Look out for Take 5: Manchester coming to this blog next time I decide to write one.


  1. This blog should prove to be popular. Everyone loves being nosy about new places.

  2. Cheers, I have my bits crossed. Just got to remember not to post anything spectacular that I might publish elsewhere.